Welcome the new Fiix CMMS Mobile app

We have rebuilt the app from the ground up to give you a more seamless way to complete your work, better and faster.

To install the new app you can go to the following links:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


We have compiled a list of articles that should get you started on the right foot.

Follow the link for some more articles, if you have any process in the app you want us to write out, please let us know by sending us an email to, popular articles will be added to this list. 

Mobile Articles

A few things to note: the following items are not currently available in the iOS version of the new Fiix CMMS app but we will be updating this list as the features come online

  • Scanning the QR code to add an asset to  a new work order form
  • Changing the Asset status  (Admin only permission)
  • Viewing Asset Files
  • Adding text and meter reading task types

Minimum Specifications.


Minimum OS version supported: Android Version 5

Devices supported: The app will run on any device that runs Android version 5 and above. 


Minimum OS version supported: iOS 10

Devices supported: Any device that runs iOS 10 and above. Minimum device recommended is iPhone 5.

Please note:

* We do not support modded or rooted android/iOS devices.

*Device hardware will affect app performance.

*We do not support any EMM (enterprise mobile management) solutions.

*We do not support sideloaded apps. You must download the app only from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


If there are parts of the apps you would like to get explained, or you have any requests for new features or you have spotted a bug,  please drop us a line at



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