How Can I Send MA CMMS Invoices Straight To My Accounts Payables?


This article demonstrates how to send invoices straight to your accounts payables.


1.  Start by creating an inactive user for your accounts payable department in your CMMS. To do this, click Settings, Users, and New.


2.  Select a site


3.  Fill in the minimum necessary details including, the Full Name, Email Address, and Username. Click Save to complete. The other fields are not essential, but can be populated like a regular user.  In the email address field, enter an address belonging to the accounts department, or a specific individual within the department. Leave the new user as an Inactive user, and they will not be able to gain access to the CMMS.


4.  Contact Fiix support, and request that the new user be added as an account contact on the account. Once this is done, you will notice that the accounts payable user is now listed as a contact in the Account Settings page. Anybody listed as a contact will receive any copies of invoices, or receipts. 

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