How do you delete a user?

Q. How do you delete a User?

If you have users that have no work associated to them, you can delete the user from the CMMS. If you have users that have completed work, added assets, completed tasks etc, there is a history associated with that user that must be maintained in the database. This is for auditing reasons and also to preserve data integrity. When you try delete a user, you may see a similar error:

To physically delete a user from the CMMS you will need to remove any link there may be between them and the CMMS. Only when these links are broken, will you be able to delete the user. As such, the best option is to Deactivate their user account.

Imagine a safety incident. When the auditors come in, they want to see who did what, regardless if the employees are still with the company. Therefore, you should not remove an established user from the CMMS, rather you should deactivate them. 

To de-active a user, simply head their user account and hit the button highlighted in the screenshot. The user will not be able to access the CMMS anymore.


As a reminder, deactivated users do not count as a user seat. There is no limit to the number of deactivated users in the system. If a user is active they take up a purchased seat, meaning a CMMS with 5 active seats can have only 5 active users.

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