How Do I Upgrade My Plan?


This procedure demonstrates how to upgrade a subscription plan from one tier to the next.  

Note: It is not possible to have some users on one tier, and some users on another tier.  A subscription plan is applied to all users in the account.

How do I upgrade my plan?

1.  Click Settings, Account Settings, and Upgrade Plan


2.  Select a plan from the Pricing plans window by clicking Upgrade to this Plan


3.  From here you will be met with the following pop-up box. You have the option to either add additional seats, or simply leave the number of seats at its current limit.  The billing period can also be changed by selecting a new period from the Billing Period dropdown menu. Once satisfied, click Upgrade to complete.


4.  Your newly updated account information will be displayed in your Account Settings Page.


5. Your Credit card will be charged straight away, while cheques and EFT's have 15 days to be paid. This is the same practice as adding more seats to your CMMS.

How Do I Downgrade My Plan?

Unlike adding users or upgrading your plan, downgrading your plan, or removing users requires a call to the sales, or account management team.  They will make the necessary changes for you. 

Note:- It is not possible to transfer from a paid account to a free account. If you want to switch in this way you will have to cancel your paid account and start a new free CMMS.

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