NetSuite ERP Integration


Integrating with NetSuite has never been easier. This procedure will quickly go through how to configure your CMMS for NetSuite ERP Integration.

Configure your CMMS for NetSuite ERP Integration

1. To begin navigate to Settings - Connect Management - External Integration Settings.

2. From here you will be met with the following page. Click New Integration.

3. Select Netsuite.

4. Select NetSuite Financial Adapter

From here you will be met with the following page.

5. Lets Save the page then rename the Integration.

The next step is to fill in the necessary details in the integration Settings field.

All information here relates to your NetSuite Account.

6. The next step is to test your connection. Click Test Connection. Once successful click OK

7. Once you have established there is a secure connection click the Inactive button. You will then be met with the following pop up. Click OK

From here your CMMS & NetSuite get together and NetSuite sends any necessary information to the CMMS. This process creates locations, parts etc. in the CMMS based on the information coming from NetSuite.

Throughout this process you will be prompted to view any changes that will occur. You will also be prompted to Skip or Proceed with these changes.

8. Choose proceed to allow NetSuite create records in your CMMS.

9. Once finished click OK.

Workflow Tab

The workflow tab allows you to define how often or what specific event must occur to make the CMMS and NetSuite Communicate.

You will notice that the trigger for Send PO to NetSuite is set in the CMMS. This particular trigger means that anytime a Purchase Order in the CMMS is submitted for approval in the CMMS, this information will go straight to NetSuite.

Actions Tab

The actions tab relates directly to the Workflow tab. The triggers outlined in the workflow tab are expressed in action form in the Actions Tab.

You will notice above how the Sync Financials is set to trigger every 30 minutes, this means they will sync every 30 minutes. What the actions tab allows you to do is sync any of the options manually.

To do this you simply select one of the options, open it and click Run as highlighted below.

Straight away this will sync your financials from NetSuite to CMMS. This can be repeated for any of the options in the Actions Tab.

Transactions Tab

The transactions tab will list every interaction between the CMMS and NetSuite. Over time this will fill with records as shown below.

Presets Tab

The Presets tab sets out who takes ownership of anything created from the integration of the CMMS & NetSuite. As mentioned earlier when the CMMS & NetSuite connect certain records are created in the CMMS. Ownership of these are defined in the preset tab. Generally NetSuite claims ownership of the majority of records however some are shared between both as shown below.

Note:- The Presets Tab is read only

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