Buying an Item Directly from Parts Search


It is possible to use Parts Search to purchase most items directly from within the CMMS. There are a couple of different options to do so.

1. Purchase Through the Amazon Tab

1. Start by creating an amazon account. If you have an existing Amazon account you do not need to create a new one.

2. Once an account is created select any item from Amazon, and click on Buy Now:

3. This generates a pop-up window (If not, you should check your browser settings)


4. Continue using the same parts search window to purchase other item from Amazon.

2. Purchase through the Grainger tab

1. Start by creating and adding a Grainger Account to the CMMS:

Clicking on the Buy Now button opens the Grainger page for the item. Add the item to the shopping cart, or continue adding additional items to the purchase.

3. Purchase through the More tab

This tabs provides access to a number of other suppliers:

  • Ace Hardware
  • C&H Distribution
  • Harbour Freight Tools
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Northern Tools + Equipment

In all those cases, the parts search Buy Now button redirects the users to the appropriate page on the vendor's website, where users follow the standard purchasing workflow: add to cart, login, check-out.

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